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Wednesday 23 March 2011

Alvaro Sanchez-Montanes, Andrew Friend and others at I Am Solitary@Gift


Gift gallery is holding a group exhibition I AM SOLITARY.

Their first exhibition only happened about a year and a half ago. Gift featured a large group of young artist's: many of them were fresh graduates from Chelsea MA Fine Art. Honey ImXenofon Kavvadias. Reiko Matsubara. Andrew Salgado (also in this present show). And others.
Here's some of the bits I liked in this show:

 Lindsey Bull has dreamlike painted illusions almost asking for psychoanalysis.  

Grace Kim is showing large glossy prints of monocolour images, that look like life-after death stills from Paranormal channel. The prints are highly reflective: they blur the boundary between me and her and the work.
Alvaro Sanchez-Montanes photographs "desolate landscapes" of almost "unnerving tranquility". I saw no contemplative isolation in them. I was drawn by their echoing silence. Their coldness. The air of absence, the air of abandonment.

Andrew Friend is a fascinating one. Device for Disappearing (at sea) sounds and looks functional and useful. It's there between reality and imaginary, true and pretend, literal and metaphorical.