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Friday 5 November 2010

Gooden Gallery: 'NierghtravAOnWint’sIf A Teller: a book in 8 chapters and 4 dimensions'


These pictures are from First Thursdays in November. Gooden Gallery has got this window project space, which changes every week. Very interesting concept. Each work growing out of the previous one to form one whole.The window space is treated like a blank book (similar to Barbara Rosenthal "Homo futurus"), which gets filled in according to the instructions. Page by page, week by week.

'NierghtravAOnWint’sIf A Teller:
a book in 8 chapters and 4 dimensions'

September 16th - November 25th 2010

Artists participating: David Berridge, Wayne Clements, Cinzia Cremona, George Eksts, Anna Francis, Hugh Gilmour, Daniel Lehan, Simon Lewandowski, Richard Price, Barbara Ryan, Ben Woodeson



Chapter 1:GEORGE EKSTS (24th - 30th Sep)

Chapter 2:WAYNE CLEMENTS (1st - 7th Oct)

Chapter 3: DANIEL LEHAN (8th - 14th Oct)

Chapter 4: DAVID BERRIDGE (15th - 21st Oct)

Chapter 5: HUGH GILMOUR (22nd - 28th Oct)

Chapter 6: ANNA FRANCIS (29th Oct - 4th Nov)

Chapter 7: CINZIA CREMONA (5th - 11th Nov)

Chapter 8: BARBARA RYAN (12th - 18th Nov)

BEN WOODESON (19th - 25th Nov)

Each chapter lasts one week and is visible 24 hours a day from the street / Each artist will construct a chapter / Each chapter will be embedded in the previous one / Each will change, incorporate or move aside what is already in the space to develop a series of unfolding chapters / The work is rule-based.


1. 8 chapters will follow a preface and in turn be followed by an afterword

2. The order in which artists make a chapter has been randomly determined in advance.

3. Each chapter will be a response to the previous one.

4. Material can be introduced into the space but not taken out. Anything can be altered, moved, reconstituted (even destroyed) but must stay there till the end.

5. The rules are a part of the work so subject to the same rules.

6. New rules may be introduced but not removed.

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