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Monday 8 November 2010

ESSAY. Iconoclasm. Rauschenberg. Willem de Kooning.

Robert Rauschenberg
Erased de Kooning Drawing 1953
© San Francisco Museum of Modern Art © Robert Rauschenberg/VAGA, New York and DACS, London 2006
Traces of ink and crayon on paper, with mount and hand-lettered ink by Jasper Johns

- And for you?
Robert Rauschenberg:
- It's ... poetry.

Erased Willem de Kooning is the king and queen of deletion in art. I wonder if Rauchenberg deleted each line by line, so the act of deletion physically resembled the negative act of drawing?

If Rauchenberg was Whiteread, he would have tippexed out the drawing.

Covering up is not the same as erasing. Obliteration leaves a hope of recovery, a chance for an archeological dig to reveal the original. Erasure is like burning. Destruction beyond retrieval. No Ctrl+Alt+Backspace.