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Tuesday 22 February 2011

Denise Hawrysio @ Camberwell

I do not usually write about things that happen at college (I should, shouldn't I?).

Yesterday we had a talk by Denise Hawrysio (here is a link to more info from Margaret Cooter) and I was also lucky to have a tutorial with her afterwards. She is such a nice person! It was great to see her cringe about some of her early work - don't we all :-) It was great to have a chat about explaining/not explaining the work to the audience. She gave me a great confidence boost!
Oh - and I love her last altered book project "Spotlight". On the whole, most of the work she showed seemed to be about setting the conditions/rules for the work to appear and then displaying the result: cutting out faces, letting prisoners fill the books, allowing chemical reaction to erode the pages.