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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Shooting (No1)

This a very quiet and simple book I have made as a reaction to a certain column in the Guardian by a certain Jonathan Freedland on Sept14, 2010. The book is not political. I do not do politics. My book grew overnight as a response this one-sided article, that nearly brought me to tears.

The book contains a snippet of one conversation I had with this man from "around there". It was six years and five months ago. We had just bought the farm. Were digging out a pond. A big pond. The excavators were working. We were standing at the veranda. Me, facing the pond. We were talking about the people who lived on our farm before us. That is when he said very casually "They shot jews and communists here. You knew that, didn't you?".

I do not know if it is all true or not. It sounds like something that could have happened in those days because it was happening all over the country.

Also see Daniel Hannan from the Telegraph for a more sober point of view.

I don't think the book is the end. I have got a few more stories on the go. It would be good to make a small bundle of those identical, A4, folder books. Like a folder of memories ready for disposal.