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Sunday 20 June 2010

PAINT at Degreeart: Zak Yeo Zhixiong, Benjamin Cohen, Nash Francis, etc.

This exhibition brings together a group of emerging artists united by an obsession with paint. From an addiction to their practice, to handling the substance of their medium, the selected artists live through this all-encompassing commitment to paint, as often required of painters in an era often dominated by new media. HRL Contemporary has a natural affinity with these emerging artists, brought together for their shared dedication and potential to mould the direction of contemporary painting.

2010 is a pivotal year for these artists, with many of them undertaking major solo exhibitions and successful international shows. April brought Tom de Freston’s solo, Exiles, at the Brick Lane Gallery with Tablo Arts; Zak Yeo’s solo show I am a Kampung Boy, with Fill Your Walls gallery in Singapore and Louise Thomas’s solo show Everybody is a Lake with Bischoff/Weiss in Mayfair. Similarly, Benjamin Cohen is busy preparing for his solo debut with HRL Contemporary at the Truman Brewery in October 2010.

Irmak Canevi, Benjamin Cohen, Nash Francis, Tom de Freston, Louise Thomas, Tessa Whitehead and Zak Yeo.

Nash Francis. I can totally see where these paintings are coming from. They are not that dissimilar from what I do (or that is what I would like to think :-)

Benjamin Cohen. He has got some great portraits in his gallery at Saatchi online. Very Baconesque!

Zak Yeo Zhixiong. He was a favorite with my son. Obviously.
I like the apocalyptic surrealism. A bit picture book. A bit comic art. But it seems to stir deeper.