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Sunday 30 May 2010

Ceramics and jewelry at RCA Summer Show 1

That show got me really thinking about what I want to do and why I am doing all this. I realised, I love printed ceramics as much as I loved it, when I was printing my plates. I love fantasy. I love the impossible seem possible. I will be back at it in September.

I did not take many photos there, because at the doors they insisted, that no photography was allowed. I thought it was bizarre, considering that the show is meant to be promoting emerging artists. Anyway, once we were in, I saw a few people taking photos and non of the students minded that.

Marta Mattson will be on my letter to Santa this year. She makes the most stunning crystal encrusted bug brooches. And those delicate lasercut ribbons from calf skin! She makes jewelry of the fairy tales. Her aesthetics remind me of Horniman Museum and old curiosity cabinets.

Sun Ae Kim reminded me how much I love porcelain: the translucency, the silky feel, the days of "The Curious Sofa".

If I was doing a degree in ceramics, I would end up doing something like what Hanna Mannheimer does. She layers, breaks, assembles. She uses found objects and she is not precious. Yep - it does not look like she works with the tweezers. Looking forward to seeing more of her work!

Amy Jayne Huges has got some very scribly vessels. Just like Hanna (above) she seems to have a very casual and expressive way of putting things together: a bit higgledy piggledy, a bit overflowing. Beautiful.